Hot off the press, Conservation success stories

Hot off the press, Conservation success stories

In today’s times, the media love to focus on controversial sensationalism, always looking at what will sell. More often than not “bad news” sells, and when it comes to nature conservation the majority of headlines and articles surround poaching, climate change, deforestation, oil spills in the ocean etc. It can we can become despondent wondering if there is any positive happening out there and so I have looked for a couple of articles which highlight some GOOD conservation success stories. They are quiet short and to the point so will not take long to read.

  1. Denmark expanding their conservation footprint.

More and more people are being born each day, thus more and more land is needed to accommodate them. This is why it is always a welcome site to see land being demarcated for conservation rather than development. This is an encouragement all governments to look at the example Denmark is setting.

2. Revival of a species, the last straw.

The rhino poaching is an epidemic in Africa and deserves a blog post all on its own. However in the midst of all of this, scientists are developing new ways in which to save the species. One way is by using eggs from a female rhino and creating new embryos from it. There are many such success stories so it is encouraging to see.

3. Lighting up the streets for a not so common resident.

We often read how humans are destroying the environment and killing the animals on purpose or for recreation, in this little dutch town it is the opposite. They have lit up the streets with bat friendly lights in order to be able to forage for food without harming their eyes.

4. Renewed life in the oceans.

I think its amazing that whales are making a strong comeback especially in regards to the many years that whales were hunted and killed for their blubber. It is also good news to see that shark populations are increasing despite many species being killed either as by-catch or on purpose for shark fin soup.

5. Its never too late to save a species.

It is remarkable to see that species from birds to amphibians are being able to be pulled back from extinction when they were only a couple individuals left in the wild. Conservation can be a very successful operation if everyone involved plays their part.

It’s good to know that governments around the world are setting aside large areas to conserve the environment, both on land and at sea. Scientists are doing the best they can in regards to saving species from extinction. Humans are becoming more considerate towards wildlife and coexisting, rather than dominating over. Reading these articles  is an example of the success that can be achieved  when we work towards the betterment of the ecosystem.

I will be going to the Kruger National Park tomorrow which for those un South African folk is the most popular and largest game reserve in the top corner of South Africa. This will enable me to do some first hand field work so that I can bring some interesting up to date conservation news on current happenings to your doorstep.   In the mean time I will be active on Instagram and Facebook, updating you on all the ins and outs of this conservation area. So until I get back, bye for now.


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